Personal Insurance


Personal Insurance 

MJL  Insurance Agency can help you select the right coverages to protect  your family's assets and their short and long term needs, if you die or  become disabled. 

We've  created a straightforward and surprisingly affordable package of  products that makes getting the basic protections you need easier than  ever. 

Homeowner's and renter's insurance 

Properly protecting your home and its contents is basic to your family's financial well being. 

Policies  are available for those who own a home, coop or condo, and for those  who rent. Coverage will include the portion of the physical structure(s)  that you own and your personal property. Your policy will also provide  liability protection if others are injured on your property, and living  expenses if your home is damaged or destroyed. 

There are several essential coverages that are specifically not included in a basic homeowners policy, and require a separate policy or endorsement: 

  • Flood insurance must be purchased separately.  
  • Coverage for valuables such as jewelry or works of art is severely limited unless covered by a separate endorsement.  
  • Many hazards associated with a home business are not covered without a special endorsement. 

Automobile insurance 

Most  people are aware that substantial coverage limits are required to  protect against the large awards being handed down by juries. What you  may not know is that adequate uninsured motorist coverage is necessary  to protect you in the event that the other driver does not have proper  insurance coverage. 

We  can guide you through this and other complexities of today's auto  policies, to ensure that you have the protection you need, without  paying for costly coverages that are not necessary. 

Life insurance 

Most  people underestimate the amount required to see their children through  college, or to allow a surviving spouse to maintain his or her standard  of living. Selecting the right insurance product and coverage is key to  meeting these needs. 

The  two basic types of coverage are term life, which provides the most  affordable coverage, and permanent life insurance, which combines a  death benefit with an investment component. 

There  are several types of permanent life policies which differ in the  investment options involved. One of the most popular is Universal Life,  which provides a market interest rate and payments that are generally  lower than traditional whole life. Variable Universal Life allows you to  choose between investment options, assuming both the risks and rewards  associated with your selection. 

Disability/income protection 

In  the event that you become injured or are otherwise unable to work, your  family's expenses are unlikely to significantly shrink. In addition,  you may be faced with high medical costs and other expenses related to  your disability. 

Depending  on the nature of your disability and your occupation, your short term  or long term earnings may be impacted once you return to work. Selecting  an appropriate policy and coverages is essential to ensuring your  family's financial health. 


Homeowner's  policies provide minimal protection for valuables such as jewlery,  artwork, collectibles and furs. We will be pleased to assist you in  securing cost effective coverage in the correct amounts on these  important assets.