Employee Benefits

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Employee Benefits 

MJL  Insurance Agency provides cost effective employee benefits packages  from top rated carriers, as well as life and disability for both  individuals and groups. 

Group Benefits 

Selecting  the right benefit package is becoming increasingly important in  retaining the best employees, and keeping them productive. The cost of  health insurance and other employee benefits is growing rapidly.  Weighing the cost and features of of the many HMO, PPO and traditional  plans available is becoming more difficult and complex every day. 

We  can offer you a complete needs analysis for your insureds, so you can  help them determine the most appropriate policy for their organization. 

We  can provide policies that include health, dental, eye care and other  coverage for both small and large groups, as well as self-funded plans  for large employers. 

Group Health 

Employee retention is often closely related to a company’s ability to offer competitive health benefits for its employees. 

Group Dental 

An  often overlooked benefit that can be very helpful to your employees,  not only in paying less at the dentist but also in making sure that a  dentist is treating your employees fairly, by not over charging them or  charging them for services that might be deemed not necessary . 

Life insurance 

Most  people underestimate the amount required to see their children through  college, or to allow a surviving spouse to maintain his or her standard  of living. Selecting the right insurance product and coverage is key to  meeting these needs. 

We  can help you provide quality term life, whole life and universal life  policies for both individuals and groups. One of our more popular  options is variable universal life, which allows your insureds to choose  between investment options and assume the risks and rewards associated  with their selection. 

Disability/income protection 

In  the event that your insured becomes injured or are otherwise unable to  work, his or her family's expenses are unlikely to significantly shrink.  In addition, the family may be burdened with high medical costs and  other expenses related to the disability. 

Depending  on the nature of the disability and your insured's occupation, short  term or long term earnings may be impacted once he or she returns to  work. We offer cost effective policies with the coverages essential to  protecting the financial health of your insureds and their families.