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As an independent insurance agency, we help businesses and individuals protect them-selves by securing the best coverages for their needs at a price that is truly affordable.

Commercial Insurance

Coverages for:


Protect your business assets against losses. We provide comprehensive protection at an affordable price.


Businesses are targeted in lawsuits far more frequently than anyone realizes. Learn how to protect yourself.


As a member of the New York State Restaurant Association, we can help you secure the exact coverages you need at a price that you can afford.

Personal Insurance

Coverages for:

Your Home

For most people their home is their most important asset. We provide comprehensive protection at an affordable price.

Your Auto

People are often unaware of the size of typical liability settlements, and may not have any protection for some common risks.

Life and Disability

At MJL Insurance, we believe life and disability income insurance are the foundation to creating your own personal safety net.

Employee Benefits

Coverages for:

Group Health

Employee retention is often closely related to a company’s ability to offer competitive health benefits.

Group Dental

An often overlooked benefit that can be very helpful to your employees, not only in paying less at the dentist but also in making sure that a dentist is treating your employees fairly.

Group Life/Disability

Often your most valuable employees have been with you the longest; the ability to offer guaranteed Life and Disability coverage with no medical required at a very reasonable price is a useful benefit to have at your disposal.